Police haul banned man from window

Scales of Justice
Scales of Justice
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A man was pulled from a window ledge by police officers after he was caught meeting a girlfriend he had been banned from contacting.

Matthew Schofield lied to police and gave a false name for his girlfriend, but when she was questioned by officers she admitted her true identity.

Schofield, 23, of Lytham Road, South Shore, pleaded guilty to two breaches of bail and resisting arrest.

Blackpool man agreed to rebail him.

Prosecutor, Pam Smith, said Schofield was on two sets of bail which banned him from contact with a girlfriend and from going within 100 metres of her home in St Davids Road South, St Annes.

On Saturday two officers were on patrol in Lord Street when a member of the public approached and complained that a man in the upstairs of an address had indecently exposed himself.

Schofield was in the window of the address and police signalled him to come down.

He told the officers he had accidentally dropped his towel.

The woman present was the one Schofield was prohibited from contacting.

David Charnley, defending, said: “ She wants to be with him. She encouraged and initiated contact with him. If he is remanded in custody he will lose his job.”