Pokemon warning for drivers

Pokemon Go!
Pokemon Go!
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St Helens Council’s road safety team is issuing a warning about a potential lack of concentration among pedestrians following the recent launch of the hugely popular Pokémon Go game.

The augmented reality game allows players to capture virtual Pokémon who appear in real life locations. Players can track the characters by using the GPS on their smartphone or mobile device - requiring them to look at the screen.

But with school summer holidays approaching, St Helens Council’s road safety team is urging everyone - especially children and young people - to pay attention in potentially dangerous situations such as crossing the road.

St Helens Cabinet Member for Community Safety Councillor Lisa Preston said:

“The game already has a huge following. But we’re concerned that players walking, cycling or getting on and off buses will be distracted and have a reduced awareness of road safety.

“Motorists too need to be aware of the potential risks of pre-occupied pedestrians – and take care whenever they see people by the side of the road using smart phones.

“It also goes without saying that drivers should never be tempted to play the game themselves when they are in control of their vehicles.”