Plans to axe swimming pool and weekly bin collections

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COUNCIL chiefs have announced plans to close a popular swimming pool and axe some weekly bin collections as part of a package of cost-cutting measures.

In what is latest to be just the first of a host of cutbacks, Sutton swimming baths will close, saving town hall coffers around £180,000 a year.

It’s believed a number of jobs are under threat.

Council chiefs revealed last month they had earmarked Sutton baths for closure after receiving a massively reduced grant settlement.

They will lose £50m in the 2014/15 settlement.

A council spokesman said: “In an effort to balance the books the council is now having to prioritise front line services for vulnerable people. Nearly all council services are under review to see where savings can be found.

“Once the pool is closed it will save £180,000 a year.

“The pool is mainly used by schools and for the provision of swimming lessons. School swimming and swimming lessons will be transferred to the newly refurbished Parr Pool which now has a new teaching pool to add to two other pools at the new look centre.

“As well as Parr the council has pools at the brand new Queens Park Fitness Centre and Selwyn Jones leisure complex in Newton-le-Willows.”

The proposal to shut Sutton bath was approved at the council’s ruling cabinet - headed by council leader Marie Rimmer (pictured) - on January 9.

Meanwhile, proposals have been published outlining a shake-up of bin collections.

The plans, which are currently being considered by St Helens Council’s ruling cabinet, would see some recycling bin only being collected every fortnight.

The move is designed to cut costs following a massive cut in the council’s grant settlement.

Councils across the country have fully moved to fortnightly collections.

Despite increasing recycling rate, they are largely unpopular because homeowners complain they have too much waste to store outside their houses for two weeks.