Pit bull owner loses second court appeal

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A St Helens woman who had an unregistered pit bull type dog has lost another appeal.

Beverly Brough of Adelaide Avenue in Thatto Heath originally appeared before Knowsley Magistrates Court in June 2012 and admitted being in

charge of an unmuzzled and unregistered female pit bull type dog on October 27, 2011 in Randon Grove, St Helens.

In court, Brough said she was not in a position to care for the dog and asked that the dog be transferred to the keepership of her daughter Abbey Brough.

But the law on banned breed dogs states that A section 1 dog under the

Dangerous Dog Act 1991 may not be sold, offered, given away or exchanged.

The district Judge on hearing evidence given by St Helens Council Dog

Wardens, Merseyside Police and kennel staff, deemed the dog to be a danger to public safety and ordered it to be destroyed.

Brough appealed the decision and the case was heard by Judge Aubrey QC sitting in Liverpool Crown Court in November 2012. The Court found no fault with the District Judge’s decision at Knowsley. Brough contested the decision again and appealed to the High Court in London.

Last Friday, at the Royal Courts of Justice the appeal was dismissed. The dog has been held in secure kennels for over two years at the local authority’s expense. Subject to any further appeal by the owner, the dog will be humanely destroyed.

Councillor Seve Gomez-Aspron, Cabinet Member for Environment and

Neighbourhoods said: “These cases are extremely delicate. We are dealing

with dogs that are kept as pets but are illegal to own without going through the Court process.

“We have kennelled and maintained the dog for over two years, allowing

the owner every opportunity to explore the legal process. Thousands of pounds are spent on a single dog in order to follow due process.

g If residents have concerns about dogs of this type they should contact Merseyside Police Dog Section on 0151 709 6010.”