‘Pet dog ate my pink thong’

THIS cheeky dog was so hungry it could not wait to be fed - opting to chow on his owner’s knickers instead.

Wednesday, 26th June 2013, 2:54 pm
Gemma Helsby and her dog Buddy say thanks to emergency vet Kamila Kryszan

But the consequences could have been dire if owner Gemma Helsby had not seen Buddy, a 13-month-old Shih Tzu, choking on her pink thong and rushed him to Vets Now in St Helens.

The 23-year-old’s quick actions meant there was no need for surgery and vets gave Buddy an injection to make him sick.

Gemma said: “I had to laugh when I knew he was okay, and all my friends have been laughing about it ever since.

“I was a little bit embarrassed about the pink thong and was even asked if I wanted to keep it but I said ‘no’. “Buddy was a little sleepy that night but within a day he was back to normal.”

Gemma and her partner Danny, 29, were watching TV late one night at their home in Fingerpost when Buddy’s underwear eating drama unfolded.

The pint-sized pooch appeared downstairs with something dangling from his mouth.

Gemma recalled: “We didn’t realise what it was at first, but when we tried to grab it away from him, we realised it was my underwear.

“He would not give it back, being the cheeky dog he is. He then took a gulp and swallowed them! We couldn’t believe what he’d done for such a small dog.

“It quickly became pretty obvious that there was a problem and that he was starting to choke so I called the emergency vet and within half an hour had managed to get him to them.”

Rebecca Clark, veterinary nurse on duty at Vets Now in St Helens, said: “The owner was sensible enough to call us straight away so I anticipated that we may be able to get Buddy to vomit it back up before it started to move through and potentially cause a blockage.”

Gemma added: “He is now back to being naughty, trying to get his paws on anything in sight, but this time we are one step ahead.”