Lucky St Helens shopper wins Pandora ring from ice sculpture competition

The ice sculpture
The ice sculpture
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The winner of an ice sculpture competition at a St Helens shopping centre has been revealed.

Over Mother’s Day weekend, Church Square’s visitors admired the centre's ice sculpture and its surprise treasure that one shopper was lucky enough to win.

The ice sculpture contained a replica Pandora ring and was situated on the mall from Friday, March 29.

The centre invited shoppers to guess the length of time it would take for the ice to melt, enough to reveal the ring, and the person with the closest guess would win a Pandora ring for their mum.

The sculpture took 70 and a half hours to melt.

Out of the 229 people who entered, winner, Linda Rotherham, guessed a close 70 hours – bagging herself the prize for her mum.

Visitors to the centre were also offered a free craft workshop, where they created pipe cleaner bouquets, which they took home for their mums.

Steve Brogan, centre manager at Church Square Shopping Centre, said: “We had a fantastic time celebrating Mother’s Day with our visitors.

"Our unique event was a great way to bring families together and enable children to give their mum a Mother’s Day treat without having to spend a penny.

"Congratulations to our winner, Linda, for having the closest guess.”

For more information on this event, visit the website: or visit or Twitter @ChurchSquareSC.