Past is brought into the present

Anne Frank (s)
Anne Frank (s)

THE Second World War’s most famous diary is being brought to life in a powerful and poignant exhibition at St Helens’ central library.

Anne Frank: A History For Today gives visitors the chance to learn more about the tragic Amsterdam teenager’s life and the history of the Holocaust.

The exhibition, brought to St Helens as part of the wider 2012 Holocaust Memorial Commemoration, charts the rise of the Nazi party, the start of the Second World War and the Holocaust.

Drawing on the power of Anne Frank’s life and diary to challenge prejudice and hatred, it is aimed at encouraging people to embrace positive attitudes, responsibility and respect for others.

The exhibition is set to run until next Friday (January 13).

And, in conjunction with it, secondary school pupils across the borough will be participating in a series of workshops run by the Anne Frank UK Trust.

Also at central library and the Godfrey Pilkington art gallery will be the Holocaust exhibition Never Again: Untold Stories, hosted by De La Salle School, between January 11 to February 4.