Passenger hurt in bus crash

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A PASSENGER was hospitalised with a “nasty” head injury after a rush hour collision involving two St Helens buses.

Emergency crews were called to Blackbrook Road at about 6pm on Monday (December 3) after two buses collided.

A passenger on one of the buses, a 54-year-old woman, sustained a laceration to her forehead and had to be removed from the vehicle on a spinal board.

Although conscious and breathing, she was left suffering from shock.

The casualty was taken to Whiston Hospital by ambulance for further treatment.

An ambulance service spokeswoman said: “We only treated one passenger but the lady had suffered quite a nasty head injury.

“She was removed from the bus on a spinal board as a precaution, because of the nature of the injury.”

Two fire crews from St Helens assisted paramedics with the rescue.

Watch manager Mike Costello said: “Firefighters stabilised one of the buses and removed a woman passenger through a window on a spine board. We had to removed the side window of the bus to allow us to remove the woman.

“We also used a special piece of equipment called a speed board which allows casualties to be moved without compromising the position of the spine. She was carried to a waiting ambulance.”

Firefighters remained at the scene until about 7.30pm.