Party’s over for troubled nightclub

Troubled ... Club Rouge
Troubled ... Club Rouge

A NOTORIOUS St Helens nightclub has been stripped of its licence.

Staff at Club Rouge failed to stem a staggering level of violence at the club prompting council chiefs to act.

A 111-page police report - presented to licensing chiefs last week - detailed the bloody, booze-fuelled, scenes which flared up almost weekly at the Westfield Street nightspot.

They include:

n A pitched battle between up to 30 hooded youths

n Police finding an assault victim slumped unconscious at the bottom of an emergency exit stairwell

n Bouncers assaulting punters and man-handling a female customer as they ejected her from the premises

The report also details how a 14-year-old girl was allowed in to the club for what bosses later told police was a ‘private party’.

The report goes on: “It is clear the management and staff have little control of customers inside the premises.

“There have been numerous allegations of assaults and incidents involving door supervisors at the premises, culminating in two serious wounding.”

Councillors agreed at last Wednesday’s hearing to remove the club’s premises licence, which allows it to sell alcohol, siting its involvement with serious crime and disorder.

Club Rouge opened in December 2009 at the former site of another infamous St Helens nightspot, Nexus.

A consortium of local businessmen - including restaurant owner Khalid Nabi - secured a lease for the club. They spent up to £160,000 revamping the premises, promising to rid the club of its reputation.

The licence will remain suspended pending the outcome of any appeal.

No one from the club was available for comment.