Parrot ‘none the worse’ after house blaze ordeal

Snowy the four-year-old cockatoo which was rescued from a house fire.
Snowy the four-year-old cockatoo which was rescued from a house fire.
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A pet parrot rescued from a burning house is “none the worse” for his ordeal, according to his relieved owner.

Snowy, a five-year-old white umbrella cockatoo, was plucked from a smoke-filled house on Speakman Road, Dentons Green, shortly after 9.30am on June 23.

His owner, Clare Benson, told of her shock at returning home from the school run to find the house filled with dense black smoke.

She said: “I heard a beeping noise when I opened the front door and, before I knew it, there was thick smoke pouring out of the house.

“I was in shock. It took me a minute or two to dial 999 because I was shaking so badly.

“The firefighters were great though. They quickly put out the fire and, when I told them Snowy was in the front room, they went back in to get his cage.

“I thought there was no chance he’d still be alive - but he was none the worse. He had a bit of smoke on him, but other than that, he was okay. I was so relieved - he’s like one of the family.

“Thankfully the door to the front room was shut so the smoke had seeped upstairs instead.”

The kitchen blaze, sparked by a faulty electrical socket, destroyed a tumble dryer, washing machine and kitchen units and caused severe smoke damage to most of the house.

Clare, 30, a mother-of-six, told how several irreplaceable sentimental items - including her son’s football trophy, daughter’s dance outfits and children’s furniture - were left smoke-damaged.

Her and her family have since been re-housed on Hard Lane.

She added: “I can’t thank the firefighters enough. To go in and put the fire out and rescue my bird was going beyond the call of duty.

“I’m grateful to the Red Cross for treating me for shock and to people at the local nursing home who held a collection for us too.”

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