Parking warning for school run parents

Parking warning.
Parking warning.
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Selfish school-run parents who ignore waiting restrictions outside St Helens schools could soon find themselves having to pay a £70 parking fine.

Every school across the borough is now subject to spot-checks to ensure that parents and carers are observing the yellow ‘school – keep clear’ road markings outside school gates.

Many ignore the markings – leading to a large number of complaints from law-abiding parents who are concerned about their children’s safety.

Nationally, nearly 1,200 children a month are involved in collisions within 500 metres of their school gates.

During the current academic year every school in St Helens will be receiving leaflets entitled ‘Cars and kids don’t mix’.

The new campaign was launched at Sherdley Primary School. Pupils there highlighted the problem earlier in the year by writing to the council with their concerns.

Year six pupil Jade Goulding said: “The leaflet is very visual because it is like a warning triangle and bright with lots of important information.”

Another student Ellis Morris added: “When people park without care they don’t think of disabled people or people with prams.”

Acting head teacher Carol Robertson said: “I’m really proud that Sherdley pupils have been instrumental in this borough-wide initiative.”

The campaign message is simple – if you park on any restricted area near a school, you’re likely to receive a parking ticket.

The council has pledged to enforce the restrictions too – with no exceptions made for those who merely pull over on the yellow road markings.

Coun Seve Gomez Aspron said “It’s time for drivers to start taking this issue more seriously, if only to keep our children safe.”

Coun Richard McCauley added: “When parking near to schools, drivers should be thinking of the children rather than themselves.”

The new move is a joint initiative between the council’s Road Safety and Parking Services sections – designed to underline the authority’s determination to

put the brakes on protecting children from reckless school-run parking.