Park boss explains their Halloween ‘clown policy’

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  • Pleasureland chief says clowns will not be visible during the day
  • Boss brands those behind creepy craze ‘stupid’

Resort bosses say they have strict guidelines on the “visibility of clowns” in their Halloween shows.

Southport Pleasureland boss Norman Wallis spoke out over the latest craze for creepy clowns which is sweeping the UK.

A craze perpetrated by people Mr Wallis branded “stupid and cruel”.

“Halloween is meant to be about fun – for kids its pumpkins, trick or treat, dressing up and meeting funny spooky characters. It’s a great tradition and I’m keen to deliver just the best Halloween festival for the little ones.

“It’s also about fun for young adults who enjoy a fright night but take the decision to go along to a scare venue - and know that there’ll be some screams and laughs along the way,” said Mr Wallis.

“Pleasureland is a family owned and run amusement park, dedicated to providing a happy and safe environment - I have young kids myself.

“Our Happy Halloween event for families and young children is very popular and growing. After listening carefully to customers - and extensive research - we decided to include an entirely separate adult event at the park which doesn’t start until an hour after the Happy Halloween event has closed and all of the families with children have gone home. We developed the ‘when fun flips to fear’ line to explain the demarcation.

“There’s a clear watershed. At no time will families with young children encounter anything from the After Dark experience as it cannot go live until the family event is shut down.

“Most scare attractions include a clown or two. We operate strict guidelines around the visibility of our clowns. Pleasureland After Dark’s Grand Master Clown Typhus and his band are never seen outside of the park, and never seen in the park during Happy Halloween hours. Happy Halloween visitors can expect to find a family-friendly experience that’s bright,

buzzing and bursting with spooky fun as usual – tricks and treats and tremendous entertainments and fun stuff to do with plenty that’s new for 2016.

“Happy Halloween doesn’t go beyond ‘BOO!’ Our adult audience will join us after dark to enjoy a fright night that’s entirely separate.

“Our cast of characters are experienced performance professionals and our goal is to entertain.

“Anyone who’d frighten kids – or unsuspecting adults – in the public domain is beneath contempt.”

The adult event will include some extra entertainment elements too, with the After Dark marvel man – who enjoys a relax on a bed of nails and will offer some ‘performance’ piercings, rides that will be running throughout the night, a range of entertainments across the bar stage and Horror Sideshow entertainments including contortionists, fire eaters and power grinder artists.

Mr Wallis added: “We set out to make Southport Pleasureland the UK’s Happy Halloween Capital and that won’t change – but

we’re going to give older audiences a night to remember.”