Parents stranded as nursery closes

Sticky Fingers on Old Lane, Rainford
Sticky Fingers on Old Lane, Rainford

A ST Helens nursery is to close this week, leaving parents struggling to find childcare.

Sticky Fingers Children’s Day Nursery, in Old Lane, Rainford, will shut its doors on Friday, meaning more than 30 tots will be turfed out.

A spokesman for the nursery today confirmed its closure, stating it was “in the best interests to close the nursery due to a business decision.”

He added any outstanding fees will be returned to parents by the end of the week and the nursery will remain open until Friday.

Owner Alan Nixon, made the decision over the weekend and informed parents on Monday,

But parents are up in arms about the decision, as they have less than a week to arrange proper childcare.

One mum, who has a two-year-old son and did not wish to be named, said: “We feel we have been treated so poorly.

“We turned up at the nursery on Monday morning and the owner hands out a letter saying it is closing on Friday.

“It is such short notice. I don’t feel it has been done in a particularly nice way.

“There is a child care crisis now as there is nowhere in Rainford to go to, so people have to go out of the area.

“I was lucky I was able to find a nursery close by, but now that is full, so other parents - many who work full time - will struggle.

“It is very upsetting as my son is used to the staff and children and it is a massive disruption for him.

“He will be in floods of tears next week when I drop him off at the new nursery.

“There has been a lot of anger around Rainford. Everyone is furious.

“We may be talking about 30 or 40 children and around 10 members of staff who have lost their job.

“If I wanted to give notice on my son joining or leaving the nursery, I would have to give four weeks’ notice, so the nursery should give us the same.”

The nursery spokesman was unable to confirm how many staff and children would be affected.