Pals remember Eric

Eric Tudor
Eric Tudor

A POPULAR dad who was a member of a St Helens scooter club has died, aged just 49.

Eric Tudor, died following an infection on August 4, aged just 49.

His wife, Julie, 47, said: “We had just come back from a holiday in Florida and he went to the doctors after feeling funny.

“He was sent for tests and went to Wigan Infirmary.

“He was transferred to Aintree Hospital in Liverpool and he was sent home after two weeks as he appeared to be getting better.

“But after nine days he started deteriorating and went to Fazackerley Hospital, where he died. He had colonitis, pancreatitis and peritonitis.”

Eric was also receiving treatment for bowel cancer after he was diagnosed in 2006.

Julie first met Eric when she was 11 and they married when she was 17.

Julie, of Bamfurlong, Wigan, said: “I just miss him. We have hardly ever been apart. He loved his family.

“At Christmas our house was always decorated outside as he used to do it for charity. He would also decorate the house at Halloween and have parties.”

Eldest daughter Stacey, 28, said: “You could not have asked for a better person. His grandchildren adored him.”

Eric was an avid scooterist, borne out of a childhood hobby with his dad, Harry, and his brothers.

The father-of-three, who also had three grandchildren, had ridden scooters all his life and ran Wigan Blue Beats, before taking over Lancashire Lions, allowing his family to ride beside him.

He was also a member of various clubs across the country, including the Irish Lambretta Club and organisations in St Helens and Liverpool.

He had travelled overseas with the clubs, often taking his family with him.

Julie added: “He has always had scooters and regularly went on rallies. He has even been on the news and various TV programmes because of it. He loved it – it was his way of life.”

His family spoke of their pride in how many people turned up to pay their respects at his funeral, with hundreds of scooters lined up outside St John’s Church, Pemberton.

Julie said: “It was a lovely tribute to him.”

Youngest daughter Stephanie, 17, added: “I want to say thanks to everyone who came to show their respects as they came from all over the place.”

Eric’s friend, Kev Walsh, 60, of Rainhill, said: “He had a heart of gold and was always available for help and advice. “To his family, he was the ultimate dad and grandad. To me, a best mate.”