Owners appeal to respect cemetery

St Helens Cemetery
St Helens Cemetery
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The Friends of St Helens Cemetery is appealing to dog owners who walk their dogs in the cemetery to take extra care after several complaints of dog fouling on the graves.

Each week the organisation, who promote the upkeep of the town’s cemetery, says it receives dozens of complaints from people that when they go and visit their family or friends’ graves, the grave or close surrounding area has dog muck on it.

They are then spending the time cleaning up the headstones before they can leave their flowers.

Marlene Downey, of the Friends of St Helens Cemetery, said: “Imagine going to visit a grave and having to clean up dog faeces. It is heart sickening, disgusting and disrespectful and no one should have to do this.

“Dogs are permitted into the cemetery on a lead and dog fouling must be picked up and deposited immediately in the designated bins. There are signs to remind dog owners about the rules.

“Most people abide by the rules but there are some who disregard them and allow their dogs to wander over the graves and the rememberance garden where they urniate and foul the area.” She added.

A Dog Warden enforcement officer regularly visits the Friends of St Helen’s cemetery and can issue fixed penalty notices on the spot if the conditions of having the dog in the cemetery are breached.

Mrs Downey added: “We are appealing to all people who bring their dog to the cemetery when they visit a grave to please ensure your dog is in your control and sight at all times, then you and everyone else can enjoy the beautiful place that it is.” St Helens Cemetery was opened in 1858 and was then known as Windleshaw Cemetery.