Outrage at St Helens teens posing on police patrol car

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This picture - showing two young lads sitting proudly on a police patrol car in a show defiance against authority - symbolises the antisocial behaviour plaguing parts of St Helens.

That’s the message of one frustrated resident who believes the town is “slowly going down hill”.

Incredibly, the image, taken in a town centre street, was used as one youngster’s profile picture.

The resident, who asked not to be named, spotted the picture while researching the background of people he believes are behind the current upsurge of antisocial behaviour and was shocked to discover the snap of two young men brazenly perched on a police car.

It is unclear when the picture was taken or why the patrol car was unattended.

“There is so many youths in our town today that have the wrong attitude and no respect,” he said.

“I regularly visit some of my family in a town centre area in which youths think they rule and cause damage to all the council’s property whether it’s houses or patches of land.

“The street has a lot of police presence due to the fact that so much wrong goes on but they just seem to get away with whatever they want.

“I obtained the names of one of the youths which is causing most of the damage and searched for him on Facebook and could not believe my eyes when seeing his profile picture.

“It just goes to show the total nerve and disrespect some youths have, but to total amazement nothing seems to be getting done by the police, even when damaging their property sitting on their car.

“I have lived St Helens all my life and was brought up to make sure I respected everyone and was well mannered.

“This town is slowly going down hill will less people caring what happens to it.”