Outrage as drivers ignore a dying cat

Dylan Cottriall with foster mum Gill Farrar and Lizzie
Dylan Cottriall with foster mum Gill Farrar and Lizzie
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An animal lover has hit out after motorists drove past a dying cat lying in the gutter.

Dylan Cottriall was driving home with his three dogs after exercising them when he spotted the pitiful sight of the black and white cat.

But when he stopped to examine the two year old pet – which wasn’t a stray – he found she was still alive.

Although it was clearly too weak and emaciated to move out of the danger of being hit by the thundering passing traffic.

Mr Cottriall, 27, who is in the process of setting up his own PAWS Doggy Day Care centre, rushed the cat to the Paws n Claws rescue network and it is now in the loving care of St Helens foster Gill Farrar while it continues its fight back to health.

A vet called in to examine the animal confirmed that the cat hadn’t been injured by cars, but had apparently “collapsed and totally given up” in the road because of a lack of food and water, along with a heavy infestation of fleas “sucking the life blood” from the poor creature.

Jo White, of Paws and Claws rescue network, said that the flea ridden cat’s condition was upsetting but it wasn’t clear whether the animal was a stray, had lost weight due to getting itself trapped or indeed had been abandoned.

Mr Cottriall, who has homed rescue dogs from Paws n Claws, said: “I stopped and went over to her to see if she had a collar and it was then I could see she was moving.

“She was just a bag of bones and had simply just given up. Although she was at death’s door she didn’t stop purring even though she was to weak to do anything to help herself.”