Orchestral duvets in the dark

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NEARLY 80 people dozed off at an Arts Council-funded event at St Helens’ Central Library... and organisers were delighted!

Music For Sleeping was the brainchild of Artist Tom Rae-Smith and arts organisation Re-Dock.

It featured dreams collected from families across St Helens which had then been turned into a magical kaleidoscope of soundscapes designed to send people off to the land of nod.

Images were also projected onto the ceiling of the children’s room in the library to reflect dream interpretations.

The music ensured that participants were left in a dream-like state at the end of a 40-minute production.

Kathryn Johnson, head of the Library Service, said: “People often have pre-conceived ideas of what a library is about and for – and this event turned on its head the notion that libraries are just quiet places for reading books.”

Marion White, of Sutton Manor, attended the event and added: “It was an amazing extra-sensory experience. We brought our grandson and his friend along and they were fully immersed in the whole thing.

“It’s really good to expose our children – and ourselves for that matter – to different cultural experiences. It’s the sort of event you would expect to see taking place in London, not St Helens. We absolutely loved it.”

Dreams for the event were collected at regular Library Of Dreams workshops, which take place every month.

All the upcoming workshops will help create material for The Library Of Dreams Exhibition at The Godfrey Pilkington Gallery at The World of Glass, St Helens, from July 24 to September 30.

For further information on each monthly session please visit www.whatsoninsthelens.com or call 01744 674401.

To find out more about the Library of Dreams project, or to submit your own dreams, go online at: www.libraryofdreams.org.uk