Wello’s World - We are raising game standards

James Roby was a stand-out performer in the win over Warrington
James Roby was a stand-out performer in the win over Warrington

I REALLY enjoyed watching the boys play on Friday night and it was a performance that we can take a lot from.

When we are in that mood we are very difficult to play against, we were particularly good in defence and played with a lot of aggression.

Aggression alone is not enough to defend well, we had to be composed and make some good decisions on the edges but in the main the boys were more than up to it.

Like any performance there are areas we can still improve but we have significantly raised our performance levels, its important we recognise that and at the very least maintain those standards.

Every single player made a good contribution and that is key when you play away at a good side like Warrington and it would be very difficult to pick out just one stand out performer.

However, in big games its important that your players in key positions play well, full back, stand-off, scrum-half and hooker and I thought all four were very good. Jonny at the back continues to grow into the position and came up with some huge plays, especially in defence.

Wilko and Lance in the halves worked well together and their experience really shone through and Robes was his usual energetic self, he worked tirelessly again and was rewarded with a break away try for his outstanding efforts.

g OUR next game is at Langtree Park on Friday night against Wakefield, they have had a pretty good start to the season and have some dangerous players in their ranks.

Ali Lauatiti has been in Super League a while now but is still very much a handful, he caused us some problems in our pre-season friendly and we know he’s a player that can make things happen for them.

In Richard Agar they have a good coach and he has quickly assembled a very competitive and hard working team.

The game is a chance for us to build on last week and register our first home victory of the season.

g I WOULD like to wish all the hard working mums out there a Happy Mothers Day for Sunday past. Our mothers are priceless and provide constant love and support.

I am one of six children so that love and support has to be spread out evenly, I say that tongue in cheek as my five siblings would point the finger at myself for receiving preferential treatment but I just consider that a perk of being the youngest.

They say a mother’s love is unconditional and that must be true because how some mums who look after quite a few of my teammates is beyond me.

It’s common knowledge that Wilko enjoys playing pranks on the rest of the squad but what people don’t realise us that it doesn’t stop there, his own mother is quite often on the receiving end of a few when Wilko is bored or has a few hours to kill.

With his Mum being over in Hull it’s usually phone pranks that are his speciality, for example he would put on a ridiculous accent and act as a journalist trying to get hold of Jon and although his Mum knows something isn’t quite right she is forced to continue being polite and showing all the niceties as only a Mother would, just on the off chance that one day it may just be a journalist.

Our younger players must be very hard to look after, we have a few that still don’t know how to make a cup of tea, or that may be just what they tell me as once I know they can I will have them at my constant beck and call.

Even so this revelation has left me wondering just how independent they are. My investigations have so far worked out that they are able to walk unaided, are eating solids and are definitely all out of nappies.

We’ve had a gate fitted to stop them wandering off and I’ve purchased a few toys for them to play with when they are having an ice bath. All that remains is to stop them peeing on the toilet seat.

g FINALLY I would like to congratulate all those who took part in the St Helens 10k on the weekend.

The majority of our coaching staff ran the race and by all accounts did very well, our conditioner Matt Daniels in particular who ran it in a time of 37 minutes and finished sixth overall.

Nathan Brown and our physios Joey Hayes and Nathan Mill also took part and ran very well. Keiron Cunningham can be forgiven for not running as his knees don’t take to kindly to road running after a 17 seasons rugby career and there was a few raised eyebrows when our other assistant coach Jamahl Lolesi withdrew on the eleventh hour with a tight hamstring.

There are a few in the squad that seem to think that this was his plan all along and a Sunday morning in bed was much more appealing but I’m prepared to give him the benefit of doubt.

Quote of the Week: Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever achieved.