WELLO’S WORLD: Sluggish start unacceptable

Saints' Adam Swift attacks during Saints spirited comeback against Warrington.
Saints' Adam Swift attacks during Saints spirited comeback against Warrington.

It’s safe to say that our loss at the weekend can be put down to a very poor start and when you give a good side like Warrington a 22 point start then you obviously make it very difficult to get anything out of the game.

Warrington’s forward pack got on top in the early exchanges and they managed to capitalise on their early dominance, although a couple of their try’s were fortuitous they had the better of the possession and field position and sometimes the bounce of the ball goes your way. I thought that the way we recovered and got ourselves back into the contest was very encouraging but ultimately the damage was done in the opening 20 minutes.

It could be a very timely lesson for us with only one game left in the regular season and if we start like that again in the coming weeks it will be season ending.

We need to make sure that we are giving ourselves the best chance possible and starting games well is key to this.

It’s important that we learn from the weekend and both as a team and as individuals we will need to be very thorough with our preparation for the coming weeks and mentally be prepared for the demands of sudden death rugby.

g Our last fixture of the regular season is a trip to the KC Stadium on Friday night to face Hull FC.

This is a vitally important game as a win would secure fifth place in the table and guarantee us a home tie in the first round of the play offs and defeat would almost certainly put us on the road the following week.

Hull bounced back from defeat at Wembley to win at Wigan last week and will no doubt gained a lot of confidence from that performance, they possess some very good players in their ranks and will be very difficult to beat.

That said, it’s a game we are really looking forward to and I’m confident that if we can perform like we did on the last hour of last week’s game then we will give ourselves a very good chance.

g For a bit of fun we have set up a football fantasy league amongst the lads in training, and as things stand I’m like ‘ManWello Pelligrini’ riding high at the top of the league with only Jordan Turner within touching distance - a real Man City v Man Utd grudge match at the top.

I’m hoping to further consolidate my position over the next few games but Jonny Lomax has gone into meltdown at the foot of the table and although its still very early days you can only see him getting cut further adrift in the coming weeks.

g I would like to offer a huge congratulations to the team that have just completed the Kilamanjiro climb for the Steve Prescott Foundation.

My brother Ian was part of the group taking part and all completed the trek to the summit in the five day time frame they had set themselves, which was very good going as there is only a 30 per cent success rate for those who have attempted to climb it in that time.

I’m sure it was pretty gruelling at stages especially at high altitude but they would have no doubt been motivating each other through difficult periods. A fantastic effort from all who took part.

g Finally, on Sunday afternoon I took part in a charity cricket match at Ruskin Park and lined up alongside some former players like Andy Northey and Tommy Martyn as we took on the Ruskin lads.

’ve only ever really been a back yard cricketer so wasn’t expecting huge things and managed to live up to my very low expectations. I chalked up only 10 runs but did manage a couple of boundaries but we where soundly beaten. I won’t be expecting a call up for the Winter Ashes series in Australia. A few of the other lads fared better, especially Tommy who hit a few mighty shots over the rope.

It was a fun day and we raised some money for Heswall Disabled Children holiday fund who host a completely free week long summer camp every August for up to 30 boys aged between nine and 15 years from the Northwest who have physical disabilities.

All the best - Wello