WELLO’S WORLD - First home win so welcome

Jonny Lomax has been outstanding since moving to the fullback position
Jonny Lomax has been outstanding since moving to the fullback position

IT was pleasing to finally register our first home win of the season albeit much later than we would have liked.

For periods of the game we played very well and for us to score 52 points it suggests that we are making improvements and starting to look fluent with ball in hand.

We started the game a little slowly and lacked the intensity to give us a strong start, that lead to us conceding a few sloppy tries and its something we will need to address moving forward.

However, in the second half the boys defended 34 consecutive tackles on our own try line which is a huge effort against any opposition.

From that moment on I was confident we would go on and finish the game strongly and the boys were rewarded for their defensive efforts with some good scores.

It was great to see Alex Walmsley back in the team and carrying the ball strongly and he helped lay a good platform for likes of Wilko and Jonny to play off.

Our other forwards did well also and I thought Paul Clough gave the team a lift from the bench at a crucial stage in the game.

Over the years at Saints I’ve had the pleasure of playing alongside many great players who quite often grabbed the headlines, the likes of Long, Martyn, Lyon, Sculthorpe and Pryce spring to mind.

In that same period of time there have been a lot of players who have brought so much to the team but their work quite often goes unnoticed.

It’s unspectacular but absolutely necessary if the players I’ve mentioned are to get the time and space to come up with the great plays they were capable of.

Players like Jason Hooper and Mike Bennett are two examples of players who gave everything and brought a lot to the team but with very little recognition and I think Paul Clough is very similar.

The best thing about these players was that they don’t particularly want the headlines, they are quite happy doing their job and helping the team be successful.

g THE contribution of our younger squad members this season has been great.

At the start of the year they probably wouldn’t have expected to have been involved so early but through a combination of injuries and their attitude in training they have got opportunities.

Anthony Walker, Joe Greenwood, Mark Percival and the weekend’s debutant Jordan Hand have all now had first team experience this season. It adds strength to our squad knowing that these lads can compete in Super League and we senior players have every confidence that they will do well when they come into the team.

g FRIDAY evening we entertain Salford at Langtree Park, we are looking forward to the game and it gives us another opportunity to build on recent good form.

Salford have had a very tough few months but now they have a settled future with new ownership they will look to improve.

With Salford coming to Langtree we get the chance to welcome back a few old faces.

Their coaching team of Alan Hunte and Sean Long who both had long and successful careers at St Helens and also Matty Ashurst and Andrew Dixon who are great lads and still good friends with a lot of the lads.

I’m hoping to be able to make my return from injury on Friday, its been a frustrating few weeks but over the last few days I’ve had some intense sessions with our conditioner Matt Daniels and come through without any problem so barring there are no setbacks in the week things are looking up.

What position I play I’m not entirely sure yet but too be honest it’s not something that concerns me.

I just want to be involved and do my best to help the team to win rugby games and I’m confident that with my experience I can perform any role that Nathan asks of me.

g OVER the past week the boys visited a number local primary school for Comic Relief as part of our Saints in the Community programme.

Myself and Tony Puletua went to Bleak Hill Primary and took part in a Zumba class with all the pupils. It was a really fun morning and all the kids dressed up in various masks, wigs and hats.

It was only fair that TP and I entered into the spirit of things. I was sporting some pink leg warmers, a yellow feather boa and some pom poms but TP drew the short straw, the sight of the big Samoan in a pink tutu will stay etched on my brain forever.

Quote of the Week: Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you.

Come on you Saints - Wello