Wello’s World - Enjoy France but let Sia sleep

Sia Soliola
Sia Soliola
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A SUMMER weekend in the South of France sounds fantastic, a stroll along the beach, a meal in a swanky restaurant and a trip to the local Vineyard are all things that spring to mind.

But this weekend we are there purely on business as we face a very tough encounter against the Catalan Dragons.

I’m sure a lot of our supporters who regularly make the journey to Perpignan will not only be watching the game but sampling all the other delights that are on offer.

For those of you going I hope you have a great time as long as you keep the noise down when your in and around the vicinity of the team hotel.

Although a sleep-deprived Sia Soliola is a very angry man and that could come in handy when the game comes around I think it’s best that we leave him with his standard 14 hours a night sleep and full of energy for kick off.

The game itself is a very important one in the context of our season, over the past couple of months we have gradually climbed the Super League ladder and have got ourselves back into a good position.

We lie two points behind Catalan meaning that if we can win we will climb above them into third place on points difference, that said we are aware of the strengths and the calibre of player they have in their ranks.

They are one of the bigger sides in Super League and are very good going forward but they also have players like Scott Dureau, Clint Greenshields and of course Leon Pryce who love to capitalise on any momentum they create, for us to get a victory we will need to perform very well.

For those of you who can’t make it to France but would like to sample a great atmosphere there is a great opportunity to watch the game at the new Red V Cafe bar at Langtree Park, Paul Sculthorpe, Tommy Martyn and Ade Gardner will be there for all the pre-match build up. Maybe if Ade is in a generous mood then he will shout you all the first drink.

I WAS perched on my sofa over the weekend watching both of the Challenge Cup semi-finals.

I thought they were both very good contests especially the first between Leeds and Wigan.

I must admit to feeling envious and I would much rather have been involved in those types of games, its never easy to watch in those situations.

But it was great that the Rugby League had some positive publicity in the form of exciting games given the recent negativity surrounding the Bradford Bulls, it was a timely reminder that when the game is played in the right way and is well supported it provides genuine excitement.

WE had a bit of a laugh at training this week, quite often someone will just jump into conversation and ask a silly question.

On Monday one of the lads was asking “what does democracy mean?”, Ade found it pretty funny and then suggested to the player that he thought everyone else in the squad would know exactly what it meant.

The player disagreed but did agree to Ade’s suggestion we should have a vote on it to find out.

Please forgive me for not mentioning who the particular player who asked this was but I genuinely don’t want to embarrass him, plus I may need a free haircut at his new hair salon one day.

Quote of the Week: The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all. (Jamie Foster)

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