WELLO’S WORLD - Easter is always a tough challenge

Alex Walmsley (centre) in action during the Good Friday derby
Alex Walmsley (centre) in action during the Good Friday derby
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THE Easter weekend always provides a tough challenge and its fair to say that the squad has been tested over the last seven days.

We had a number of casualties going into the two games so it was important that every player was prepared to play some part over the weekend.

Good Friday was a disappointing result and it’s fair to say that we weren’t quite good enough and didn’t deserve to win the game.

Defensively we wasn’t as good as we have been in previous weeks, we allowed good players time and space to play in and this certainly made things a lot more difficult for ourselves.

We can take satisfaction from our second half performance, the way we fought our way back into contention was heartening and it shows that when we do the right things we can score points against the better teams in the competition.

We play Wigan again later in the season and there is a chance we could meet in the Challenge Cup and play-offs.

And we are under no illusion that we need to improve to get the right result but we have every confidence that we have that type of performance in us.

Backing up again three days later on Easter Monday is difficult and you inevitably are unable to field the same team that played on Good Friday.

It was important that we got 17 healthy bodies in the field to give ourselves a chance of getting a valuable two points.

I thought we played pretty well against Castleford and off the back of Wilko’s excellent kicking game we put them under real pressure early on.

This allowed us to attack with energy and put on some good plays and our dominance started to show in the scoreboard.

I don’t think that its surprising that the Easter Monday games across Super League were high scoring contests.

It would be interesting to check the results from previous seasons but I would think that its a common theme due to playing two games in a short space of time.

The teams that pick up a few injuries, don’t have strong squads and a lack of talented young players to step in are the ones that seem to struggle.

g IN the last week the club managed to secure the services of Stuart Howarth from Salford on loan till the end if the season.

I think it’s evident in his first two performances for the club he will be a great addition to the squad and will certainly help to offset the short term loss James Roby.

Stu is a great lad with a good work ethic and seems to be relishing the opportunity already.

He will continue to develop into his role the more time he can spend working on things on the training field and working under the tutorage of Keiron Cunningham, he is best placed to get the best out of himself.

g AND finally, there are things in the world that happen infrequently. A Blue Moon a Total Eclipse and then there is a Josh Perry try.

So for those of us who were a Langtree Park on Monday to witness him scoring a double have been truly blessed.

The look on his face as he fell over the line was priceless as he realised there would be no nude run for him this year.

Although I haven’t managed to get over the line myself this season so I’d better be careful before taking the mickey.

But if I do end up having to do a nude run it certainly won’t be across Prescot Road during rush hour. That would just be silly.

Quote of the Week: “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things.”

Come on you Saints- Wello