HERE’S what was making the headlines in the St Helens Reporter 90 years ago this week.

Back in April 1922, the unhappy life of a young St Helens couple was featured on the front page after their relationship was “reviewed” by Magistrates.

Harriet Worton summoned her husband Edward in respect of wife maintenance arrears but Mr Worton applied to have the order rescinded because of his wife’s “misconduct”.

The court heard Mr Worton’s claim that Mrs Worton had upped and left while he was visiting his sister-in-law “not even leaving him a towel to wipe on”!

Magistrates sided with Mr Worton and rescinded the wife maintenance order.

In other news, tramways committees decided that a double line of track should be laid from Cropper’s Hill to the borough boundary at Eccleston Hill and that the track in Church Street be relaid.

An application was made to the ministry of transport to borrow £50,000 to help them complete the works.

Elsewhere, a teenage girl appeared before the courts on four counts of frequenting for the purpose of betting.

Gertrude Bent, 19, of College Street, was observed by PC Drysdale and when she was arrested was found to have 10 betting slips and £1 7s on her.

The court heard how her father had been ill that day so she put bets on for him as well as several others.

Magistrates, who said how sorry they were to see her before the courts, took a lenient view and fined her £3.

And finally, collier William Morris, 26, suffered a foot injury after he was run over while at work by a tub of coal!

He was sent to the Cottage Hospital for further treatment.