REPORTER COMMENT: Hashtag critics are wrong to berate Keiron Cunningham

The online campaign against Keiron Cunningham is unwarranted
The online campaign against Keiron Cunningham is unwarranted

In times past fans who are unhappy with their team’s performances limited themselves to the occasional boo.

These days fans have a much more powerful tool at their disposal them a few hastily-made placards.

Social media, and Twitter in particular, is being increasingly the weapon of choice for disgruntled supporters.

Of course, fans have every right to express their disquiet at the way their team is performing.

But online campaigns, complete with their own hashtag, like the one being conducted by some Saints fans against Keiron Cunningham, take that criticism too far.

Legitimate criticism of team selection or tactics is par for the course. All coaches should expect to be judged this way.

But a hashtag calling for the sacking of a man of Keiron Cunningham’s stature is unacceptable.

There is no doubt Cunningham has endured a troubled second season.

There is also no doubt some of Cunningham’s public statements (branding Huddersfield as “lucky” spring to mind) have inflamed tensions.

But Cunningham has conducted throughout with supreme dignity.

Those calling for his sacking should pause and consider the decades of loyal and outstanding service he has given to the club before leaping to quick solutions to the club’s currently state.

Even if that solution does come with its own nifty hashtag.