Lethargic show from defence

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IT was a pretty lethargic performance from us on the weekend and we are disappointed not only with the result but the way we played in certain areas of the game.

With Hull KR coming of the back of an 80 point beating on Easter Monday it was inevitable they were going to come out looking to make amends so we should have been prepared for them starting the game very well.

In the early periods our defensive efforts weren’t good enough and we allowed the opposition to gain momentum, off the back of they could kick the ball well and dominate field position.

When you don’t defend as well as you need to you end up doing more of it, it drains you of energy and when you do get the ball it’s a lot more difficult to get into position and put on effective plays.

Our goal line defence on the other hand was generally quite good and because we did that much of it it had to be, especially in the second half when we defended numerous sets on our own line.

We were forced to drop out on two or three occasion and were on the wrong end of a 13-7 penalty count which gives an indication of the pressure we put ourselves under.

However, in the game we managed to score some good tries and its fair to say we bombed a few other opportunities also, the last pass on a few occasions letting us down and perhaps if we had taken those chances it could have been a different result. I thought Francis Meli was very good for us and was certainly one player who didn’t deserve to be on the losing team.

He carried the ball very strongly from the back of the field and created a couple of opportunities for Mark Percival to score.

To be fair he has probably been our most consistent performer this season and is an example to the rest of us of how to do your own job to help the team be successful.

g WITH us being off the mark physically on Sunday, its important that we address it very quickly as on Friday we come up against a Catalan side noted for their physicality.

If we don’t muscle up in defensive and be attentive to the small detail to slow them down we will find ourselves in a very similar situation as we did on Sunday.

We have shown already this season that we are capable of making improvements in such a small space of time and we are looking forward to getting back out on the field to put in a much improved effort.

If we needed a reminder of how we need to improve we got it after drawing Hull KR away in the 4th Round of the Challenge Cup, last time we won at Hull KR was in the Cup in 2008 so hopefully that could be a good omen.

The Challenge Cup is a great competition and playing at Wembley is one of the most amazing experiences and I can assure everyone that cup success is something we will strive for this season.

g FROM a personal point of view I’ve enjoyed the experience of playing in a couple of different positions over the last three games.

I understand that there are things in my game that I will need to improve on moving forward and will spend a lot of time with the coaches on the training field and in the video room to bring out those improvements.

When playing at full back if things went wrong or I need to do something better then I can more often than not identify it myself having plenty of experience in doing the job but in my new role its important that I tap into the knowledge of those around me and my coaches in the same way I did as a 20-year-old full back.

One aspect that is certainly different is the defensive side and I have a new found respect for the guys who have been working hard in the defensive line over many years whilst I’ve been ordering them about from the back of the field.

I suppose it goes to show that whether your an 18-year-old starting out in their career or a 33-year-old coming towards the end, that its important you continue to strive for improvements and constantly challenge yourself to do better.

Thanks for the continued support - Wello

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