Fitness column - Make sure you’re kitted out for gym

Health tips from Xercise4Less fitness guru, The Colonel
Health tips from Xercise4Less fitness guru, The Colonel
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NOT everyone has been to the gym and as if your first time isn’t daunting enough, the real struggle is knowing what to bring when you take that first leap into gym life.

There’s so many people that tell you what to bring and how to use it, but in all honestly it’s up to you.

As we’re experienced in the gym life we’ve decided to drop a few hints and tips anyway just in case you’re in a bit of a pickle.

Firstly you need some gym clothes – girls don’t forget your sports bra, you’ll thank me later!

Once you’re raring to go in your brand new gym clothes and funky kicks it’s easy to forget those little must haves that mean a lot so get yourself a gym bag and pack in these top essentials:

1. Sweat towel: There’s nothing worse than getting to a machine and it being covered in the sweat of its last user – grim.

2. A padlock or some loose change: The struggle is 100% real when you get to the lockers and realise you’ve forgotten your padlock or change for that matter.

3. Headphones: Working out to your favourite tune honestly makes you feel invisible so put together a playlist of your top tracks and embrace the cardio machines.

4. Hair tie: Sweaty, wet hair that sticks to your face is not attractive, bring a bobble and tie it up.

5. Deodorant: We all sweat at the gym but there’s no reason to carry that smell with you everywhere you go post-workout, pack some “deo” to mask the “B.O”.

6. Bottle: When your mate is on the verge of dehydration you’ll count yourself lucky that you brought a bottle of water, little victories eh?

These are the little things that certainly help a lot in the gym world, so what you waiting for? Grab your gym bag, fill it with your workout ‘faves’ and take on the gym like a champ!