Dave Twentyman - North Korea’s like a drunk mate

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I’M writing this on the morning of the failed attempt by North Korea to launch a rocket into space.

Many countries believe that it was in fact a test, long distance missile launch.

It was probably reminiscent for many of bonfire night in the 80’s when your dad was trying to launch rockets from the back garden, with most of them failing.

I really don’t see any real threat from North Korea. They’re like your drunk mate on a night out who try and slap a bouncer before leaning against the wall, kebab in one hand whilst urinating on their own shoes.

I DON’T know how other people are about this, but it does my head in and it’s been even worse during these school holidays.

Every single morning when the adverts come on, all I hear is ‘I want that, can I have that, can you buy me that’? Over and over again. Honestly, my missus can proper mither at times.

We looked for nice things to do and decided to have a nice day out in Lytham.

Whilst walking along the picturesque sea front, me and my daughter started to gain a couple of hundred yards on my wife and son who were trailing behind.

I noticed there was dog poo on the grass and rather than shouting to my wife to warn her about it, I instead decided it would easier to just text her, ‘poo on grass’!! To which she replied ‘No way’!