Comment: Support for victims vital

The successful prosecution of pervert Nicholas Daniels was no doubt an extremely significant moment in the young life of the 14-year-old St Helens girl he groomed.

We can only hope she is somehow able to come to terms with the way she was treated and find a way to move forward with her life.

But it also shows the ease with which people who have never met can communicate with each other in the modern world and, consequently, the difficulty parents can have in protecting our young people from harm.

In this case the victim’s mother was quickly able to spot changes in her daughter’s behaviour and, thankfully, quickly found the root cause of the problem.

But that may not always be the case.

It’s crucial that victims of such abuse find the courage to report what has happened to them and help bring predators like Daniels to justice.

As DCI Paul Unsworth pointed out, that must have taken a great deal of bravery for this young girl.

But, as important as that courage, is that the support is in place to help victims through every second of the justice process.

It clearly worked in this case and the St Helens Child Sexual Exploitation team - only launched in March - already has its first successful prosecution.