Comment: MP has changed the face of St Helens

St Helens MP Dave Watts
St Helens MP Dave Watts
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The political landscape of St Helens will look very different come May 8.

The day after the next general election we’ll know the identities of the town’s next two MPs.

For the past 14 years, the borough has been served by Dave Watts and Shaun Woodward but from May all that will change.

Mr Watts joined his Labour colleague, Mr Woodward, in announcing his retirement on Monday.

To quote St Helens Council’s chief executive, Carole Hudson, he will be a hard act to follow.

Mr Watts has made the relentless pursuit of getting St Helens its fair share the driving force of his Westminster career.

From the Blackbrook by-pass to Saints’ Langtree Park stadium, there are few big projects in St Helens over recent years which have not benefitted from the Labour MP’s involvement.

Most would not have become reality without his drive and determination.

When he looks back over his long career in public service, Mr Watts can justifiably be proud of his achievements.

His legacy as a politician is all around us in the changing landscape of St Helens.

Few can match his contribution to today’s borough and for that he deserves all our thanks.