ANDY MOFFATT - Shouting from the rooftops

Rio Ferdinand's applauding of a referee deserves to be punished - with a suitably sarcastic censure
Rio Ferdinand's applauding of a referee deserves to be punished - with a suitably sarcastic censure
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“WE need to protect mums, not millionaires.” So says council leader Marie Rimmer after learning about the plight of a young St Helens mum who, just hours after giving birth to her child, was forced to seek the help of the local food bank.

To some, Coun Rimmer’s remarks might seem like a statement of the bleeding obvious and petty political point-scoring.

Not so. As Vince Cable, a Lib Dem heavyweight who is currently helping to prop up this creaking coaltition government, points out, the Conservative party is home to many an “idealogical jihadist” hellbent on cutting public spending to the very barest of bones.

The plain fact is they either don’t care or don’t see the effects their policies are having on ordinary people. The rest of us should join Coun Rimmer and take every opportunity we get to shout about it from the rooftops.

g I WAS surprised UEFA choose not to charge veteran Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand for sarcastically applauding a referee.

Ferdinand was so incensed with referee Cuneyt Cakir’s decision to send off Nani during his side’s Champion’s League quarter final clash with Real Madrid he gave a caustic round of applause inches away from the hapless official’s face. We’re still waiting to see if UEFA responds in kind to Ferdinand’s truculent display by crowning him young European player of the year.

g MERSEYSIDE’S new police commissioner Jane Kennedy has just signed a new deal to share a control centre with the local fire brigade. “This is another example of successful partnership working and I’m thrilled,” says Jane. I think that means she’s chuffed to be saving loads of wonga.

g STEVE Gerrard has been muttering away about the likelihood of in-form Luis Suarez not winning the players’ player of the year award, hinting that if the Liverpool striker fails to win it will because of a conspiracy against the Anfield club.

Or, and this is just a thought Stevie, it could be that a majority of your fellow pros believe either Gareth Bale or Robin van Persie had been the better player this season.

g POOR old Chris Hulne, the former cabinet minister jailed for getting his wife to accept his speeding ticket then lying about it.

Before heading for the clink last week, Hulne addressed the assembled press scrum and spoke of his desire to reconcile with his estranged children once “this process is over”.

You’ve got to sit back and just marvel at the kind of self-delusional ego capable using a nonsensical management buzzword like process to describe going to prison.

As you read this, the disgraced Liberal Democrat is probably ‘blue sky thinking’ his way through toilet slopping duties before ‘at the end of the day’ getting ‘closure’. On his cell door.