One-eyed ferret escapes from hutch

Captain the ferret
Captain the ferret
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A one-eyed ferret has gone missing from his St Helens home.

Owner Mandy Bond says her three-year-old male polecat ferret Captain disappeared from his home on Malvern Road, Parr, on February 1.

But, mysteriously, Captain’s hutch-mates Summer and Cherry, who were all in the same enclosure, both stayed put.

Mandy said: “Captain is a neutered rescue ferret who we rehomed with two of his girlfriends. My husband went to feed them that morning but when we came home after taking our son to karate club he was gone.

“We’ve got no idea how he got out of the hutch and, the longer he’s missing for, the more worried we’re all getting - especially as it’s cold and wet at the moment and he’s only got one eye.

“Even if his hunting skills come back to him he might not know what to do if he catches something.”

Mandy, 34, rehomed Captain, Summer and Cherry last November from a south Cheshire rescue centre and already describes the pets as “part of the family”.

Her children Dylan, six, and Lorelai, four, are also both upset at his disappearance.

Captain, who had to have his left eye removed following an abcess, typically eats either cat food or raw chicken.

Mandy added: “We’re hoping Captain is still local and have called all the local vets, but one of our neighbours lost a ferret a few years ago and it ended up turning up in Warrington.

“If anyone does find him, he’s microchipped so it will be easy for us to identify him. He’s very friendly and inquisitive - he’s never bitten any of us or shown any aggression.

“Please look in gardens, sheds or any other possible hiding places. We really appreciate any help in finding our boy.”

If you have spotted Captain since February 1, please call Mandy on 07742 316218.