The most misused phrases - including ‘to be pacific, ‘an escape goat’ and ‘damp squid’

'To be pacific, 'an escape goat' and 'damp squid' are the most misused phrases or sayings, according to research.

With less than three weeks to go until Christmas here's a look back at some of the UK's worst 'gift gaffes'

Most hated Christmas gifts revealed

A pair of marigolds, underwear from a boss, anti-cellulite cream and EVEN BOTOX are just some of the most HATED Christmas presents to have been received by Brits.

With heavy snow forecast to fall across Lancashire on Sunday a lot of people may struggle to get into work on Monday morning.

What are your rights if you can't get into work due to snow?

With heavy snow forecast to fall across Lancashire on Sunday a lot of people may struggle to get into work on Monday morning. But what exactly are your rights if you can't make it into work?

A fridge-freezer is started to have sparked the Grenfell Tower fire, in which at least 80 people died.

Current safety checks on fridges and freezers are 'inadequate' warns watchdog

Current safety checks for fridges and freezers are deficient and allow for the sale of products that are a potential fire risk, a consumer group has warned.

The girl, now two, suffered a "catastrophic collapse" when four months old and stopped breathing for around six minutes.

Father who injured baby daughter could be allowed to care for her again

A warehouseman found to have shaken his baby daughter and caused a brain injury could be allowed to care for the youngster again if therapy is successful, a senior family court judge said.

Be vigilant

Warning over fake bank notes

Brits have been warned to be on their guard during the festive shopping season, as fraudsters take advantage of those full of the festive spirit.

Do you have a small fortune stashed away in your attic?

Do you have valuable Star Wars toys in the attic?

With the latest instalment of Star Wars series ‘The Last Jedi’ due for release next week, the Force could be with Star Wars fans who have valuable vintage action figures.

Children under 13 are banned from Facebook but this new app targets children aged 6 and up

Facebook launches messaging app for under-13s

Facebook has launched a messaging app for kids, a move which will see the social media giant expand their user base to a whole previously under-age sector.
The alleged plan is said to have involved launching a bomb attack on the security gates outside Downing Street before stabbing Theresa May.

Two due in court charged with plot to kill PM

Two men are due in court on terror charges on Wednesday after reportedly plotting to assassinate the Prime Minister.

Tweets from Peter Crouch, Barack Obama and Jeremy Clarkson

The 10 most retweeted posts of 2017

Twitter has revealed the ten most retweeted posts of the year in the UK, led by chicken nugget fan Carter Wilkerson.

Proponents say that because maternal placentophagy is common in mammals throughout nature, it most likely offers some benefits to human mothers as well

Placenta consumption offers few benefits for new mums

Consuming placenta has little benefit for new mothers, according to a study.

In many countries nodding is a communicative signal meaning approval

Want people to like you more? Nod at them, say scientists

A polite nod of the head can make a person almost a third more likeable, say scientists.
Top tips to avoid a Christmas burglary

Top tips to avoid a Christmas burglary

Christmas may traditionally be the time for goodwill - but 'Grinch-like' criminals don't subscribe to that view.
Is your child getting enough sleep before school?

Only teenagers who start school late get the recommended eight hours sleep

Secondary school pupils who start school later were more likely to get the recommended amount of sleep of eight hours a night, a new study found.


Meghan sparkles in walkabout with Harry on first public outing

Prince Harry and bride-to-be Meghan Markle began their public life together with a whirlwind of handshakes and smiles as the crowd chanted their names during their first walkabout.

Alabama Rot

Warning to dog owners over Alabama Rot disease after dog dies

Leading vets are advising dog owners to know the signs of Alabama rot disease after a new case was confirmed in Warwickshire this week.

England is set to freeze this week

Are you freezing at work? This is how cold it has to be before you can legally go home

England is set to freeze this week as temperatures plummet across the country but how cold does it have to be before you can leave work?

Viagra to be available over the counter

Brits will be the first in the world to be able to buy Viagra over the counter, following the impotence drug’s reclassification.

Harry and Meghan: When and where has been announced

Prince Harry and Brit-to-be Meghan Markle to Marry in May at Windsor Castle

Prince Harry and bride-to-be Meghan Markle are to marry in May at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, Kensington Palace has announced.
Priced at 19.95, the mug features a classic spongeware design applied by hand

Commemorative mug among first souvenirs to mark royal engagement

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding has only just been announced but already the souvenirs are in production.

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