Off road fatalities warning

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A senior councillor in St Helens has warned it is only a matter of time before a fatality is caused by off-road biking in the borough.

Coun Richard McCauley (pictured right)said passers-by and the riders themselves were being put at risk.

A teenager almost died two years ago after a horror collision on land close to Dream in Bold.

Coun McCauley, cabinet member for Transport, Housing and Community Safety, said: “We have had some serious incidents involving off-road vehicles in the past and sooner or later there’s going to be another serious accident involving one of these machines.

“Apart from the danger they pose to themselves, many of these riders are untrained putting others at risk in the public places they use – including families, dog walkers and young children.

“And of course these scrambler bikes, quad bikes and mini-motos are hardly ever insured, taxed or MOT’d.

He spoke out after police seized a scrambler bike which was been riden illegally on Epsom Street near Gaskell Park in Parr.

“It’s illegal to ride any motorbike, quad-bike or mini-moto in St Helens parks and open spaces and the police will seize them automatically,” added Councillor McCauley.

Serious off road riders are urged to use their bikes where it’s safe, legal and not a nuisance to others - such as a legitimate riding track. Contact the Auto-Cycle Union (the governing body for the sport) for a full list of venues and events: or call 07788 566 400.

Residents can help keep parks and open spaces free from vehicle nuisance by reporting incidents (preferably as they happen) to police on 101.