Off-road bikers still using the Dream site

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Off-road bikers are still using the area around the Dream statue as a racetrack - despite the life-changing injuries sustained by teenager Liam Clark in a crash there nearly two years ago.

Coun Richard McCauley, St Helens Council’s cabinet member for community safety, warned of the potentially fatal consequences of reckless riding in public areas following a series of bike seizures.

He said: “We have had some serious incidents involving off-road vehicles in the past and sooner or later there’s going to be another one involving one of these machines.

“Apart from the danger they pose to themselves, many of these riders are untrained and putting others at risk in the public places they use – including families, dog walkers and young children.

“And, of course, these scrambler bikes, quad bikes and mini-motos are hardly ever insured, taxed or MOT’d.

Coun McCauley issued the warning as police seized three more machines in St Helens as part of the council’s Safespace campaign and Merseyside Police’s Operation Brookdale.

One rider had his bike seized in Sutton Manor as he was on his way to the Dream site. A second fled after abandoning his off-roader in Chiltern Road, Parr, while the third – who was also in breach of court bail - was stopped in Parr Stocks Road.

“It’s illegal to ride any motorbike, quad-bike or mini-moto in St Helens parks and open spaces,” added Coun McCauley, “and the police will seize them.”

Residents can help keep parks and open spaces free from vehicle nuisance by reporting any incidents to Merseyside Police on 101.