Nurse’s dishonesty put patients at risk

Whiston Hospital
Whiston Hospital

A nurse has been slapped with a suspension order after she administered drugs to two patients when she was not deemed competent to do so.

Joanne Horan was found to have administered IV paracetamol on two occasions in February 2014 despite not having passed a mandatory intravenous (IV) drug calculation assessment set by St Helens and Knowsley NHS Foundation Trust.

Mrs Horan admitted administering the drug on both occasions while working at Whiston Hospital without a second nurse present and sending an inappropriate text message to a colleague asking them to ‘cover for her’.

She denied signing a colleague’s initials on notes without their permission but a panel at a Nursing and Midwifery Council hearing felt evidence given by her colleagues was sufficient to prove the denied charge.

A report of the meeting read: “The panel found that Mrs Horan’s actions had put patients at an unwarranted risk of harm and had brought the nursing profession into disrepute.

“However, the panel was mindful that no actual harm was caused to the patients mentioned in the charges and t for acting in the way she did was to alleviate the pain of these two patients.”

A spokesman for the trust said: “As soon as the incidents were reported, Staff Nurse Horan was immediately suspended from duty for failure to comply with Trust policies and procedures.”

Mrs Horan was handed a 12-month suspension order following the hearing.