Noisy neighbour evicted

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A NIGHTMARE neighbour has been evicted from her St Helens home and her boyfriend banned from the street following a staggering 180 reports of anti-social behaviour in just 12 months.

Gayle Cairns, 48, was ordered to leave her Albion Street home by St Helens County Court last week after her landlord, Riverside, obtained an outright possession order.

Neighbours of Cairns had repeatedly complained about wild, drunken all-night parties, verbal abuse and threats of violence.

Some also claimed their properties had been damaged and complained about her two Jack Russell dogs barking at all hours of the day and night.

One neighbour even moved out of his home and moved in with a relative because he was unable to get any sleep.

Cairns’ partner, Martin Gunning, 34, now faces arrest if he enters Albion Street in the next 12 months after Riverside secured an anti-social behaviour injunction against him.

The injunction also bans him from using, or threatening to use, violence against any of the neighbours.

Tom McGuire, Riverside’s divisional director, praised the tenants who went to court to give evidence.

He said: “Two tenants came to court with us and without doubt were instrumental in securing this outcome. I would like to commend them on their courage to come forward and give evidence - despite the possibility of further intimidation.

Cairns and Gunning were both in court to hear the evidence but did not challenge any of the orders.

Cairns has been ordered to leave her property by today (July 10).