No plan B? You’re fired

Mike Cosey
Mike Cosey

IN last week’s episode of The Apprentice the battle raged between three final candidates.

There was Leah the blond doctor, hopelessly unfamiliar with the business world but wanting to launch her own non-surgical cosmetic treatment clinics.

Louise, a young cake shop owner with her hands in a few different pies wanting a baking ingredient website, and Neil Clough, Lord Sugar’s favourite apprentice intending to open an internet-based estate agent.

Lord Sugar agonised over the decision but with a great deal of pain uttered these words to his favourite apprentice: “You’re fired!”

Why did Neil lose the chance to become Lord Sugar’s partner and benefit from his £250,000 investment despite being his favourite apprentice?

Neil is passionate about the property market and refused to believe that he could not make a success of it. He refused to entertain a plan B to present it as an alternative business plan to Lord Sugar despite being repeatedly advised he should do so.

He put all his eggs in the property “basket” and lost out. The disappointment for Neil has been huge. Knowing he was the favourite candidate with recognised business acumen, he felt he could convince others that his passion and belief in the property market was justifiable. Lord Sugar said if this was about me giving someone a job I’d give you a job tomorrow.

Neil’s father died from cancer when he was only 18 and according to him his father is still the driving force behind his struggle to succeed. He said he wants to make his father proud of him.

Neil admitted: “I am absolutely gutted. My biggest regret is I was given a chance to put in a plan B and I did not, and I do absolutely do regret that.”

Lord Sugar said: “You are the right man, you have just got the wrong plan.”

What an indictment from one of the great giants of the world of business about the current state of our property market.

We have all heard the expression “failing to plan is planning to fail”, we perhaps now know that when it comes to property matters “failing to plan a plan B is planning to fail.”

n Article written by Mike Cosy of Coseyhomes, Trading as Cosey Rentals Chartered Surveyor, Civil Engineer and Building consultant.