Newton man found mould on his Chinese takeaway

Unhappy customer Tom Abraham-Roth
Unhappy customer Tom Abraham-Roth
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A takeaway faces scrutiny from council officers after a Newton man complained about being served mould-topped curry sauce.

Tom Abraham-Roth said he was given the pot with a disgusting, furry white growth floating on the food when he went to Chinese takeaway Ruby’s House on Gidlow Lane.

A pot of sauce with mould on it which Tom Abraham-Roth says he was served at Ruby's House takeaway on Gidlow Lane

A pot of sauce with mould on it which Tom Abraham-Roth says he was served at Ruby's House takeaway on Gidlow Lane

The business has since said it was impossible for there to have been mould on the sauce because it was fresh-made.

The 29-year-old was getting something to eat for his sister and himself on Saturday November 11 but was revolted by what was inside when he removed the lid.

He immediately took pictures, which he has now shared with the Wigan Post, of the grim discovery.

He was then left furious after a phone call to the eatery did not produce an offer of a refund, while app Just Eat, on which he had found the takeaway, told him he had to address a complaint to the local authority.

Wigan Council has now said it is trying to find out what happened but Mr Abraham-Roth says he wants to warn other residents about his experience in the mean time.

The customer, who lives in Newton-le-Willows and whose family live in Swinley, was particularly shocked as plenty of people had written online how much they had enjoyed their meals at Ruby’s House and given positive feedback.

The takeaway, meanwhile, has vigorously denied any wrongdoing and says it conforms with all hygiene and food standards rules.

Mr Abraham-Roth said: “It was a bit gross.

“We were starving so we ordered from somewhere else and I thought I would deal with it later.

“After we had eaten, I rang and spoke to the takeaway and asked for a refund as I had been served mouldy food.

“They said they couldn’t help.

“I couldn’t believe it.

“I just want to make people aware of this because it’s just not safe.

“I put it on Facebook and it has had 400 shares.

“I ordered from Ruby’s House because it had some of the top reviews in the area on Just Eat.

“People had given it loads of stars so I thought it must be good.”

The takeaway’s owner Ruby Lin told the Post that she was totally baffled by the allegation.

She said: “He told me his curry sauce was mouldy but it is impossible. All the food here is cooked fresh and everything is well done.

“I can’t believe it. We have passed all the food standards guidelines and passed the council’s own hygiene standards. We have done all that.”

The Food Standards Agency’s website says Ruby’s House was given a rating of three, meaning hygiene was generally satisfactory, at its last inspection in August 2017.

Wigan Council said it would investigate the matter and reassured residents that it took such claims extremely seriously.

Mark Tilley, assistant director for infrastructure and regulatory services, said: “This resident has been in touch with our team and an officer will be looking into it as we do with all complaints.

“We will continue to work with all food establishments in Wigan borough to ensure the highest standards of hygiene are met and maintained.”