New strategy to tackle child poverty

Labour MP Frank Field
Labour MP Frank Field
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Youngsters in St Helens will be given a better start in life following the launch of a new child poverty strategy.

The Liverpool City Region Child Poverty and Life Chances Commission has now been relaunched alongside a new three-year plan setting out how it will address the problems young people face in their first years.

The commission will be chaired by Frank Field MP and include representatives from local authorities, the police, health service and private and public sectors.

The new organisation will advise leaders across the city region and the Mayor of Liverpool on approaches to tackling child poverty.

Mr Field said: “We are committed to addressing child poverty and ensuring our children receive the very best start in life.

“We know that we can only tackle this issue if we work together across the Liverpool City Region, sharing our resources, knowledge and best practice. We have reviewed the commission to ensure it is equipped to achieve these priorities over the next three years.

“Each member of the commission has a lead responsibility for a key objective and will be responsible for its progress and delivery.

“Through our work, we want to ensure that children have the very best start in life which will ultimately improve their life chances as they develop into adulthood.”

The commission has outlined key priorities as ensuring children are ready for school, addressing hunger among young people, supporting school leavers into training and employment, helping parents into work which is sufficiently well paid, tackling health inequality and ensuring children and families have access to affordable transport.

Since being created in 2011 the commission has campaigned for a sustainable living wage, worked on ensuring households with pre-payment meters get a fair deal and helped to implement a minimum unit price on cheap alcohol.

Other work includes making local transport more affordable, boosting immunisation rates and combatting smoking during pregnancy.

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