New report supports green belt protestors' cause

Campaigners battling to prevent homes being built on St Helens' green belt land say a new government report support their cause.

Thursday, 1st March 2018, 2:00 pm
Protestors from the Rainford Action Group outside St Helens town hall

A new government report claims that in St Helens there is capacity for 5,818 homes to be built on brown field land.

St Helens Council want to build 4,093 houses on land currently protected as green belt.

James Wright, chair of Rainford Action Group, said: “This important report makes clear that in St Helens not one piece of protected land needs to be lost for housing development because there is adequate capacity on land that has previously been built on.

“It makes environmental, economic and social sense to develop brown field land first and that is what should happen before any thought is given to sacrificing the green belt.

“St Helens Council must match its words with deeds and show it really does support a brown field first policy.

“But the government must also do all it can to ensure development on brown field land is prioritised. They are currently failing on that front, having axed funding for brown field land decontamination work, which was so important in an industrial area like St Helens.

“Politicians locally and nationally must be held to account. The countryside and our vital agricultural land must be preserved for future generations.”