New chapter for St Helens hero

Andy Reid
Andy Reid
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It was, in its author’s own words, knocked out in 20 minutes while waiting around in an army hospital waiting room.

But the new chapter of Andy Reid memoir, penned for the updated paperback edition of Standing Tall, is perhaps the most moving of the entire book.

Written as a letter to his young son William explaining how he came to suffer his horrific injuries, it is a revealing testimony to the 37-year-old’s courage and fortitude.

Without a trace of self-pity, he describes the moment he was almost killed by a Taliban land mine.

“Daddy was not angry at the army or the people in Afghanistan who he liked helping,” he writes.

“He just decided to work hard and get walking again on new robot legs and learn to use his new robot.

“And that way he could show other people that by working hard and staying positive, you can achieve anything.”

That he fulfilled that promise is, these days, an indisputable fact.

His achievements are legion, including skydiving and epic charity treks, but family remains Reid’s top priority, particularly after the birth of William.

“Having William has definitely calmed me down a bit,” he tells the St Helens Reporter, “I have had held back on some of the crazy charity stuff.”

Andy also told how he dashed off new chapter on his mobile phone while waiting to see a limb specialist.

The result, however, is no less moving or thought-provoking.

“I’d had wanted to put something down in writing for William about what happened to me for a while,” he explained.

“I was just sat there in the waiting room and it all came out quite quickly.”

Now an in-demand motivational speaker, Andy will later this year attempt a daring long-distance kayak trip.

Re-tracing the route of the famed Cockleshell Heroes of WWII, he’ll travel some 60 miles down the Gironde estuary.

g Standing Tall by Andy Reid is published by John Blake and is out now in paperback at £7.99.