New arrivals at safari park

A young eland at Knowsley Safari Park
A young eland at Knowsley Safari Park
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Visitors to Knowsley Safari Park can enjoy searching for the pitter patter of the newest arrivals’ tiny hooves.

The popular attraction’s herds of eland and Père David’s deer both have youngsters this spring and animal lovers will be able to try to spot the adorable arrivals.



The young Père David’s deer fawns should begin grazing with the herd at three weeks old after starting their lives hidden from view, with their mothers visiting to feed them.

Eland calves, meanwhile, can be spotted surrounded by the safari park’s wildebeest which become quite protective of the newborns in their early stages.

The park hopes visitors will flock to enjoy the adorable sight of the young deer jumping around as they play together.

Eveline de Wolf, head of the animal collection at Knowsley Safari Park, said: “Spring kicks off a whole new type of animal care for us as we begin to see much more activity from our animals.

“It’s a really exciting time for us and the visitors, and especially exciting to see how some of our animals form bonds with the offspring of other species.”

The safari park is spread over 550 acres with hundreds of animals including lions, elephants, giraffes and baboons for visitors to see.

The park last year launched its new Wild Trail walk-around area getting wildlife enthusiasts up close and personal with European moose in a spectacular woodland environment.