New arrivals at Knowsley Safari Park

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Adorable new arrivals Lola and Simon have been busy exploring their new home at Knowsley Safari.

Native to South America, the three year old wild bush dogs arrived at the Merseyside park this week from Prague and Twycross Zoo.

And the playful pair have wasted no time getting to know each other at Knowsley Safari.

Belinda Barclay, Animal Manager at Knowsley Safari says: “At just three years old, Lola and Simon are settling into their new home and exploring their surroundings in the walkaround area of the park.

“The area, selected for its flowing water and undulating ground, will allow the water loving animals a habitat where they can enjoy the natural large pond and burrow underground.”

Bush dogs are classified as near threatened due to human developments impacting their environment. Although belonging to the dog family, the very private animals look much more like otters or bears in appearance, with webbed feet, making them excellent swimmers as well as incredibly cute.

Visitors are able to view the bush dogs from a variety of specially created viewpoints including footpaths, a raised children’s platform and large glass viewing panels.

Knowsley’s team has created signage that tell the story of the Bush Dogs, their role in the ecosystem, the threat from humans

in the wild and help visitors understand the unique characteristics of these fascinating animals.