New additions for antelope family

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Knowsley Safari Park has kicked off the new year with not one but two bouncing baby roan antelopes.

Male calf Kibali, who was born on New Year’s Eve, was joined by a little sister in January.

Keepers will be naming her soon, park bosses have said.

Jason Doherty, Team Leader, at Knowsley Safari said: “Mum and calfs are doing extremely well. We’re keeping an eye on the newest member to the herd and we’ll be naming her soon so keep an eye on our social media for updates.”

Roan antelopes can be found in savannas, primarily in West and Central Africa.

Unfortunately, the species has been eliminated from parts of its former home due to habitat loss resulting from human activity, such as agricultural expansion and new road and settlement construction.

Poaching is also taking its toll on the roan antelope with hunting outside of protected areas a persistent cause for concern, the park said.