Neighbour from hell held wild parties

Jason Callery outside Dawn Beech's old home
Jason Callery outside Dawn Beech's old home
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A neighbour from hell’s wild drunken parties sparked more than 300 complaints from residents in just 12 months.

Dawn Beech admitted repeatedly causing a noise nuisance to her neighbours on Eliza Street, Sutton, despite receiving numerous warnings from the authorities.

Next door neighbour Jason Callery told of his relief that she had now moved out - albeit into a property just a couple of hundred yards away.

He said: “We’ve had 12 months of hell. She would throw drunken parties at all times of day and night. It has been more or less constant for the last 12 months.

“Her parties would just go on and on. The music wasn’t the main problem either - it was the arguing, fighting, singing and shouting that kept us all awake at night.

“It was like living next door to an unlicensed pub!”

The father-of-one, 47, an amputee, added: “Often, by about 5am, they would all be shouting at each other.

“We were willing to give her the benefit of the doubt for the first couple of months after she moved in, but, after her partner moved out, it all really kicked off.

“We’re glad the council have taken action and it’s nice to have a bit of respite but we’re also worried about who might be moving in next.

“We’re dreading it.”

Neighbour Frances Kelly, 58, said: “It was really bad when she lived around here. She would drink at the front of her property day and night and verbally abuse the neighbours.

“It’s a relief that she’s gone now - not just for us but for all the other neighbours too.”

Beech was issued with a six-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay costs of £80 and a victim surcharge of £15 when she appeared before St Helens Magistrates’ Court last month.

The court heard that, despite being warned and receiving an abatement notice from council environmental health officers, her behaviour continued to cause distress to neighbours.

She was subsequently prosecuted on July 22.

The conditional discharge means that if she commits another crime within the next six months she can be sentenced for both the first offence and also the new additional offence.

Also, breach of an abatement notice is a continuing offence meaning that further breaches beyond this can be prosecuted again.

Coun Seve Gomez-Aspron, St Helens Council’s cabinet member for environment and neighbourhoods, said: “Noise is a blight affecting human health and well being and is one of the most common forms of anti social behaviour.

“In this case the council departments worked closely with each other and also Merseyside Police to tackle this noise problem.

“People should be aware that noise nuisance such as this will not be tolerated and that environmental health will take all necessary steps to bring noisy neighbours to task.”