My fruity game has a big future

Mobile phone app designer Michael Lysons.'10/11/2011.
Mobile phone app designer Michael Lysons.'10/11/2011.
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SUPER smooth Michael Lysons plans to conquer the app market - with a fruit-based puzzle!

Michael developed his iPhone game over a five month period in between his full time job as a hospital IT specialist.

And he is hoping the launch of Super Smoothies will the first step to becoming a fulltime games designer.

The 38-year-old, from Cooper Lane, Haydock, said: “I’ve loved games since I was 10 or 11 years old and have been creating games as well during much of that time but this is the first one that has been available commercially.

“This is my first iPhone App as I am new to game development, so I am really hoping people love it as much as I do.”

Michael set about developing the game earlier this year and started by creating a simple puzzle which required the user to combine colours to create a different colour.

But he admits the prototype was “a bit boring” and so he decided to add a splash more colour. The result is an easy-to-use but engaging game which will keep all ages amused.

“To start with it was just blocks of colour - obviously that doesn’t sound too great so I had the idea to add fruit and it changed the game completely,” said Michael, who works at Warrington Hospital.

“One of the games I was in to when I first started getting interested in games is Felix and the Fruit Monsters - maybe that’s what gave me the inspiration!”.

After he completed the development, Michael approached Apple’s App store, asking them to sell the game. The company agreed and Super Smoothies is now available for download priced 69p.

And while Michael has bags of ideas for new apps he is now concentrating on marketing Super Smoothies.

He added: “I think the game is fun and very addictive and it has lots of bad fruits to challenge your smoothie making efforts along the way. I’m just making sure the game gets on the right websites and hoping it takes off.”