Mum: Watching TV show saved my life

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A YOUNG mum has told how she only discovered she had breast cancer by the television show Embarrassing Bodies.

Tracey Dunn, 33 (pictured), was prompted into getting checked by a doctor after watching the popular Channel 4 programme.

Tracey Dunn

Tracey Dunn

“Embarrassing Bodies saved my life really,” said Tracey, who is from Whiston. “I was sitting with my partner and while we were watching the programme he told me I should check myself.

“That night in the shower I found a lump. At first I thought I was just being paranoid because of what I’d seen on TV but then made an appointment.”

The mum-of-two was diagnosed with the most severe form of breast cancer and had to undergo several bouts of chemotherapy.

Despite being half-way through a two-year course at Edge Hill when she was diagnosed, she refused to quit her studies.

This week Tracey, who works at Whiston Hospital, passed her Foundation Degree in Assisting Professional Practice in Acute Care despite her battle with cancer and bringing up two small children.

She managed to complete her work in between bouts of treatment and even gave a presentation to her classmates a week after her mastectomy.

She said: “I’m so glad I decided to continue with my studies because it took my mind of everything that was happening.

“Even having the kids around made me feel more motivated to get out of bed. They didn’t know I was ill, I told them I’d fallen over and needed special medicine to make the scar heal but it would mean my hair would fall out.

“My little boy Luke helped to shave my head and was made up I had a skinhead like him.

“Even my little girl wanted one, which made me laugh. It just made everything a bit easier to deal with.

“And the support I received from the University was fantastic, especially Angela Whelan who gave me so much help.

“She was constantly in contact with me and would extend deadlines if needed.

“She really encouraged and inspired me.”

Tracey enjoyed her time at Edge Hill so much she has decided to enroll on the Mental Health degree programme and starts in September.