Mum’s witness appeal after bus injury

Anne-Marie Lee
Anne-Marie Lee
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A MUM has spoken of her agony after being housebound following an accident on a bus more than three months ago.

Anne-Marie Lee had just boarded an Arriva bus at Church Road, opposite Arrowsmith Road, in Haydock, on February 25 but before she was able to sit down, the vehicle jolted and the 47-year-old was sent flying to the floor.

I was at the back of the bus, about to sit down but then the brakes were slammed on and I went hurling to the floor

Anne-Marie Lee

She was taken to Whiston Hospital, where x-rays revealed she had a compressed fracture of her vertebrae.

Three months on, she is still in a back brace, unable to move and she is in a lot of pain.

Anne-Marie, of Haydock, said: “I was at the back of the bus, about to sit down but then the brakes were slammed on and I went hurling to the floor.

“I was taken to Whiston Hospital via ambulance. X-rays showed I had a compressed fracture of the lumbar three vertebrae.

“I remained in hospital, not able to move for two days. Then I was fitted with a back brace, had physio and occupational health involvement before being allowed home a week later, with follow up appointment at the Walton Centre.

“Today I am still in pain. I can’t bend or lift anything and am unable to do daily tasks, such as dressing or bathing myself.

“I have to wear the brace all day, taking it off only when I go to bed.

“I don’t have a job, as I have two young children to look after, but now that is a struggle. My 22-year-old daughter, Zoe Lee, and my partner-of-13-years, Paul Dair, help me when they can, but they don’t live with me.

“I am due back to see the consultant soon and I am hoping for the brace off, then resume physio to get my strength back.”

The mother-of three is now taking legal action against Arriva, as her injuries have had a detrimental impact on her life.

She said: “There was a problem with the bus – something was telling the driver that the wheelchair ramp was out, but it was not. It made the brakes automatically slam on. The driver was in shock but he was not to blame. It was a mechanical fault.

“I have complained to Arriva and got a solicitor looking into it, as I am seeking compensation.

“I am asking if there was anyone on the bus at on Wednesday February 25, between 10am and 11am to please come forward and get in contact as I would be very grateful.

“If also want to know if there was anyone else injured.

“I would also like to thank Leah Ball for staying with me and for phoning my family members to the scene, and for her letting me use her coat to rest my head on, and Jessica Kay for picking up my children from school while I was being attended to.

“I also want to thank Thomas Porter for helping with enquiries.”

If anyone has information to help Anne-Marie call 07966580833.