Mum’s special delivery

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  • Mum went into labour in the middle of the night
  • She praises midwifes who helped throughout ‘difficult’ pregnancy
  • Grandmother hailed after becoming makeshift midwife

A St Helens grandmother became a makeshift midwife after her daughter unexpectedly went into labour in the middle of the night.

Leanne Tipton-Clark gave birth at around 1.45am on her bed at home just a few days into 2015.

I woke up at 1am the following morning and within 45 minutes had given birth.

Leanne Tipton-Clark

The 35-year-old, of Slag Lane, Haydock, had earlier been discharged from hospital despite being in labour the previous day.

And when her baby decided to make an appearance, she turned to her mum, who was staying with her daughter at the time.

A midwife from the new One To One service later joined mother and daughter to bring baby Charlotte into the world.

Now Leanne has praised the midwifery service for the help it provided her family.

She chose the free service as she was dissatisfied with the standard NHS community midwife service and wanted a more personal experience along the lines of her pregnancy with daughter Evie in Australia.

She spoke about One To One as the organisation opened a new regional hub for expectant mums in Warrington, saying she thinks the service should be much better known among prospective parents.

Leanne, 35, said: “Evie was born in Australia and you had your own midwife all the way through your care, including the birth, and I wished I could have that again.

“When my friend told me about One To One and that it was free, I signed up straight away. It’s an amazing service but no-one knows about it, which is just crazy.

“It wasn’t an easy pregnancy because I found out about the strep B (an infection)by accident, because women aren’t scanned for it here.

“They were very supportive. I wanted to have a home birth because I knew this would be my last one and I wanted it to be like in Australia, with all my family around me, but NHS guidelines are to have antibiotics throughout labour if you’ve got strep B.

“My midwife was very helpful and gave lots of advice with alternative therapies.”

In the end Leanne did have the home birth she had originally wanted, even though by the later stages of her pregnancy she had decided to go into hospital.

She said: “I went into premature labour at 31 weeks but they managed to stall it and I got to 38 weeks. During the last few days I was in and out of hospital and decided to give birth there as there had been too many complications.

“I woke up at 1am the following morning and within 45 minutes had given birth.

“My husband phoned Karyn and she was jumped in her car and was round here within five minutes. She also stayed for about four hours afterwards.”

In addition to being assigned a midwife new mums get six weeks of post-natal care, with the majority of appointments taking place in women’s homes.